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Vicks VapoRub for psoriasis?

February 26th 2007 by Psoriasis Cure Now
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We are growing a bit weary of these unusual psoriasis “remedies,” but this one at least makes a bit of theoretical sense for symptom relief, if not for making psoriasis plaques go away.

How about canadian pharmacy no prescription

ticles/2007/02/22/lifestyle/columnists/doc45de14874893f558851795.txt” target=”_blank”>Vicks VapoRub for psoriasis? A bit silly perhaps to use a cough suppressant for psoriasis, but as the label indicates, it is also a topical analgesic (a drug applied directly to the surface of the body to alleviate pain). Vicks has both camphor and menthol in it, so applying it to your skin may make it feel better for a while. (It also has alcohol, so be careful it does not dry out your skin.)

We’re not recommending it, but it sure beats some of the other wacky things suggested out there.

Check back tomorrow when we will have a more important update to share with you.

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3 Comments on this post

  1. Isabel Perez says:

    I have been using Vick’s on the psoriasis on my ankles now for just about 2 weeks. I have to say that this has caused the itching to completely stop and I now have an 85% improvement in the appearance of my skin! The Vick’s has also in the past remedied a 7 year battle with Athlete’s foot. I applied it to the soles of my feet twice a day for two weeks and my feet were completely healed! I recommend this for anyone who has skin issues!

  2. Carmen A. says:

    Vicks vaporub really worked. I suffered from psoriasis for 3 years and … applied vicks vaporub on my psoriasis before going to bed. It takes off the itch and soothes the skin. Worth trying but do not put a lot just a thin covering on the psoriasis.

  3. Nicole says:

    I have been using Vicks for YEARS (about 20) to control my psoriasis and it is the only thing that keeps it under control, takes away the burning and itch and keeps the plaques away. Until there is an absolute cure (I have not found one so far) I will continue to use Vicks. It’s the best remedy I have found :)

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