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Kim Kardashian shares a photo of her psoriasis

August 14th 2011 by Psoriasis Cure Now
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Reality TV star Kim Kardashian just posted a picture of her psoriasis to her 9 MILLION (!) followers. What do you think of her pic (and her description of it)? Let us know below or on online pharmacy order cialis″>Facebook.

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Reality TV star Kim Kardashian just posted a picture of her psoriasis to her 9 MILLION (!) followers. What do you think of her pic (and her description of it)? Let us know below or on Facebook.
And click here for more on Kim Kardashian’s psoriasis.

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25 Comments on this post

  1. Rena Ramani says:

    Feel for Kim…Im 33 and have had the dreading P for 20 years now!!! Living nightmare…hope she dont get it as bad as i have had!

  2. ruby says:

    You don’t have to be perfect to be beatiful.Kim can make a difference. There’s a lot of peeple with psoriasis that needs emotional support. I hope ypu can help them..

  3. Jennifer Moore says:

    I was disagnosed in 2000 with Palmar-Plantar,which means I have it on my hands feet.I was 28 when I was told is and that it would be best if my husband and I have not have child.I have a son from a relationship earlier in my life and they are just like father and son,the love they share is as if he is his bio father.Rick and started dating when Justin was only 8mos.old.Justin went on our first date,and the rest is history.Rick and I dated for two more years and I ask him to marry,lol……Still,I really wish I could have given him a child.He would tell you that he is still the luckiest man a like just to have Justin and I,and I know he means it,still a little red headed girl……well you know we all have are wants.Still nothing could ever replace my sweet,giving,BIG HEARTED,smiling,beautiful son and I know how blessed I am.Good luck Kim and may GOD bless you with love of child,that is really all that matters……and I know he will,you would make a wonderful mother one day.Bless you and your caring family.

  4. Tanya says:

    Wish my psoriasis was “as bad” as hers.

  5. Laura says:

    @ Tanya I agree lol

  6. rose says:

    I’m with Tanya and her comment – stelara has been the “miracle” for my condition / treatment. I have scars that are by far more noticeable than Ms. Kardashians “outbreak”

  7. jamie says:

    i agree with both, one, kim hang in there your is not that bad and second its nice to have someone in the public eye that understands…a little. man i only wish i could afford stelera ive heard all about it. what i wouldnt give

  8. Gary says:

    Kim is very young to be getting the big *P*. I started getting it at 12 and went on to develop the worst, including severe, deforming arthritis. Kim’s will spread and get worse as she goes through the nightmare of meds and treatments that stop working. I’m surprised she would ever post a photo! I bet those 20 million dollar endorsements will come to a screeching halt if it gets much worse than this little blemish.

  9. jo says:

    has anyone had any treatment that has helped even a little my poor 27 y o daughter is covered from head to toe and we have spent thousands trying to help her. This attack has lasted 2 years now and is only getting worse. What about this chemo drug she’s thinking of trying, it can damage her liver, I’m so worried about her, especially emotionally, thanks for listening, worried mum and nanna jox

  10. rebecca gregory says:

    I do feel for kim the 1st few months of
    Your psoriasis life are the worst. I just
    Hope hers stays mild and she doesn’t suffer the
    Full effects of psoriasis because it ruins u!

  11. Shelley says:

    If that is what Kim Kardashian calls an outbreak, she doesn’t have a clue. I have planter’s psoriasis and have been treated with every known medication, ointment and cream. Up till now nothing has worked. My hands and feet are infected beyond belief. It’s hard to function each day, but I manage somehow. My next step is Stelara. I pray that this is the answer. If that picture is Kim’s worst outbreak..sorry but she needs to stop whining. I sympathize with every person out there who suffers with psoriasis and pray that you all find your cure.

  12. Vicky says:

    I have had psoriasis since birth and am now 47. Every so often (now) I have flare ups. It is covering my whole body including very painful hands and feet making it painful to walk. My scalp is also suffering at the moment but thankfully my face is clear. I start Puva this week which normally helps but it is a slow progress. Horrible horrible condition. I hate my body enough and hate it even more when it is covered in red blotches.

  13. Deborah says:

    I’ve had psoriasis now for 26 years. It’s mostly in my scalp. I get flair ups on my body too, but can usually conceal them. Im not using much right now because I can’t afford the expensive drugs. I’ve had psoriatic arthritis in one toe which now has permanent joint damage. About two weeks ago I woke up with a swollen nuckle and finger. I fear it is a new sign of the arthritis. It hasn’t gotten better. I’ve been thinking of finding some kind of support group. My friends and family, including my husband don’t really understand what it is like for me.

  14. michelle says:

    ive had psoriasis since the age of 8 from head to toe ,ive tried every creams goin none of which have ever work then i started having puva i needed that treatment once a year 2 keep my skin under control unfortunetly ive had my life times worth of it and started methotraxate tablets last year which they dont work as well but i need 2 stay on them to control my out breaks im now 37 years old and having psoarisis has made me so unhappy ,so ms kardasian you need to stop moaning ……… wish i ony ad that 2 moan about

  15. jeanne friedman says:

    ms. kardashian, i just discovered you have psoriasis, which i call just “P”. i am very surprised because you seem so confident and secure in public. i am 55 years and 6 months ago i had my first flare up and it continues, has not let up. i feel ugly, dirty and offensive about my body now. i am one of the unfortunate persons with no medical insurance and very little diposible income so i try to treat at home with suggestions from others and homeopathic remedies. i wont let any one see my body or under my pretty long long blonde hair, and my hair is coming out, it is devestating. i am in constant pain and have not worn makeup for almost a year now. “P” is messing with me psychologically, i hide. other than dr.s and meds what in your opinion would be an approach to taking care of this at home, which i have been trying to do. i am only 55 and i still want to look pretty but it is getting harder. dont know if these messages get to you, i hope so if not maybe someone will see it and provide helpful information. sincerely, jeanne friedman

  16. Adina says:

    I have had psoriasis since I was 4 years old. I am now 43. I have never had a remission. I am covered from head to toe. Even my face. My skin hurts so bad that sometimes I just break down and cry. There are nights that I can’t sleep because I itch so bad. I have tried ointments, creams, light, diet but I am afraid of biologics but it is looking as if I will have to give them a try. I have 5 children and a wonderful husband, so far none of my children have come down with this. I hate my body, I hate myself. So boo-freaking-hoo, Kim K. Grow up and quit complaining.

  17. Joanna says:

    My psoriasis manifested itself when I was about 25 years old on my hands and elbows. I am now 63. I tried every cream, ointment, coaltar, etc. that was out there. I 1994 I began using Raptiva, also a subcutaneous injectable medication. Within about 2 months completely cleared and all gone. In 1996, the company I worked for changed insurances and I could no longer afford it, so I had no choice but to just quit using it. Raptiva was taken off the market about 2005 by FDA. I am now beginning to have a flare up on my right hand. Don’t know what I’ll do. I take several opiates to control a chronic pain condition. My Grandfather was kind enough to pass this down to me. It is a horrible affliction.

  18. Paula says:

    I feel bad for people with psoriasis and for Kim

  19. jeff says:

    keep it moist ALL THE TIME – it will slow down or stop the build up of extra skin cells- as a home remedy vasoline ($4.00/jar) works almost as well as taclonex (700/tube)what happens is these things only work for limited amount of time then they stop working so you have to keep changing them around
    I wish someone told me this instead of letting me suffer with it for so long – doctors won’t tell you – they want your money too much – when you tell them you can’t take it any more and you need to get it under control they just offer you a stronger more toxic drug that will stress out your liver – when, as a matter of fact, you can use many things you have around the house – also salt baths are great!
    You just must keep it moist!!

  20. Regina says:

    Her P is not really red nor really flaky and it’s a little spot here and there. I’m 80% covered from my scalp down to my feet. Scalp P affects the hair soo so can’t do anything with it and the flakes I leave behind me with every step is embarrassing with Severe psoriasis and have PsA as well. I am on Remicade infusions and Cyclosporine and use topicals as well and still have really painful flares where my skin cracks and bleeds all over my clothes and sheets. I can’t sleep the itching and pain is so bad. I would really like to know what could be done for me if I had her money and her connections with the medical field.

  21. Amit says:

    I am suffereing from this disease since last 30 years..I was only 6 years in age when first time it happened to one was even knowing the name of the disease and i was so badly affected ke i had this deadly disease all over my body..means in my eyes, hair nose everywhere…i still have and am still fighting..but no one can come to know that am having psoriasis…its on my legs on back and stomach..which are hidden most of the time..

  22. Claudette says:

    I have had psoriasis since 1975. I was 30 years old. I did the puva treatments for a year or two. I have used all kind of greasy creams. They just made me feel like a greasy pig. Tar creams. Oh yes, I blistered in the light booth. Boy thats something you don’t want. It hurt from May til September.It was almost like fire ants biting you. I made my mind up not to worry about it. I’ve got it what can I do? I’m afraid to take the drugs that mess with your immune system, because I have an ICD, pace maker and defibulator. My psoriasis clears up in the winter and breaks out in the summer.

  23. Claudette says:

    I also have the psoriatic arthritis. It’s in my fingers and toes. My wedding band is a size 5, and my Mother’s ring on my right hand is size 8. I had to have sized up.

  24. Lee says:

    On the lighter side of things, we all share a level of empathy for people that can only come with this constant reminder that we are not perfect. I often wonder if through immense concentration can this be controlled? I have tons of respect for the women living with this in todays social enviroment.

  25. Betty says:

    As I look at photos of palm plantar I realize I have had this condition for years, having only been properly diagnosed this year. I am angry about this and even though I know there is no cure, I finally had to find a very competent Dr. in another town to confirm. Do find a KNOWLEDGEABLE physician to confer with and at least you won’t feel so alone in the daily battle. And it is true, Vaseline is the # 1 best thing for ease of pain, covered by socks while it softens.

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